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our wildly fun tower defence game.

We recently created a game that was showcased on the iconic Blue Peter! The game, named ‘Let it Grow’, was created as part of the BBC Children’s, Education and BBC Radio 2 campaign. The objective of the campaign is to inspire individuals to creatively reuse items such as pots, pans, and pallets for planting, thus infusing their lives with a touch of nature’s vibrancy wherever they live.

the brief.

In 2020 we were approached by the BBC following on from a project to create a new Tower Defence Component for their Genie games engine. As part of this we designed a skin to showcase how the component would work. We came up with the concept of Honeybee Defenders, where players feed the bees as they travel along a set path, aiming to fill up their satisfaction meter before they reach the end of their habitat.

what we did.

In late 2022 we were asked to build upon our Honeybee Defenders concept. It was to be extended and developed into a fresh skin for the Let it Grow campaign. We collaborated closely with the BBC Games team as well as the Natural History team to craft a game that encourages players to cultivate an ideal environment for diverse wildlife across three habitats and six levels. By planting an assortment of plants and flowers, players can attract varied species to the habitat, enhance their satisfaction levels, and keep them coming back.

After the game was launched, it was showcased on Blue Peter with the intent of encouraging young people to get involved in the campaign. We take immense pride in this game, and we’re thrilled to contribute to a project that stimulates the next generation to consider their influence on people and our planet.

Play Let it Grow over at BBC Blue Peter now!