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delivering news to people across Africa.

CNN Digital is the world leader in online news and information and seeks to inform, engage and empower people across the world. CNN’s digital platforms deliver news in every corner of the globe, reaching people in the world’s largest cities through to people in remote locations with bandwidth-limited access.

CNN Africa View app on mobile.

the brief.

CNN’s brief to Aer Studios was to develop an App that would overcome these challenges – delivering video, rich media and text content to a wide range of mobile devices and over varying data connectivity.
Africa has a wide diversity of mobile devices and internet connectivity spread over more than 50 countries across the continent. CNN needed a personalised news app to deliver rich news and media content to people on the move, while handling the challenges of varied bandwidth in remote locations.

what we did.

Working in partnership with CNN and Africa’s largest mobile network operator – MTN – we designed and developed the App to ensure it would scale and perform across the wide variety of mobile devices. We ensured the App degraded gracefully through many generations of mobile devices while maintaining the best visual experience for users.

Man in africa using the CNN app
Africa View app on phones against scenic background

We designed a technical architecture to stream news content from CNN’s content distribution network.

To deliver the optimum user experience the App enabled users to tailor what content is downloaded and when, delivering high quality video or text-only news with optimum load times – even in places with limited internet data connectivity.

The App delivers news and information to people across the continent of Africa, with an average rating of 4.3 stars on the app stores.

Africa view 5 star reviews