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helping beat cancer

Breast Cancer Now’s mission is to ensure breast cancer is no longer a fatal disease by the year 2050. A key part of achieving this is enabling and empowering women to spot signs and symptoms of breast cancer early, and giving them the advice and support they need.

The Breast Cancer Now app on mobile

the brief.

We were tasked with creating an app that enabled women to create a diary for their checks which suited their lifestyles. A key consideration was to deliver learning and content in a sensitive way and provide empathic user journeys for women who may be undergoing breast cancer treatment. The app also needed to be highly-performant on both Apple and Android platforms.

what we did.

We created a fast and intuitive schedule and notification system that delivers reminders, checking tips and key pieces of health advice to women at times that suited their individual routines.

An image of our UX research

Users were able to explore content relevant to them and have access to wider community support networks. The app was created using React Native, increasing Breast Cancer Now’s ability to extend and enhance the app so that it functions consistently across iOS and Android.

Aer studios team talking about the app
Full image of someone using the BCN app

The app was a huge success and garnered extensive press coverage. We’re proud to say that our secondary breast cancer content was a finalist in the BMA Patient Information Awards.

The BCN app displayed over 3 devices

Thanks so much to all of you for the speed and quality of your work across the board - design, communication build and overall passion for the project that’s made it as amazing as 
it is.

James Elliot

– Assistant Director of Digital Engagement